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Hooke College of Applied Sciences' new Blended Learning program combines the best of self-directed learning with our renowned hands-on instruction.

Now you can begin training in the familiar surrounds of your workplace and come to our Westmont, Illinois laboratory ready to make the most of your time with our expert instructors. By combining online and hands-on learning, Blended Learning also makes it easier to fit training into your schedule.

The Blended Learning Experience

Phase One: Preparatory web modules

Establish your knowledge of new concepts from home or work, so you can focus on practical exercises when you come to our Westmont laboratory. Many of our courses begin with narrated online modules, which you can take at your convenience.

Phase Two: Classroom exercises

Develop your skills during a 3- or 4.5-day classroom component at our Westmont, Illinois, laboratories.

  • Conduct practical exercises, identify unknowns and complete quizzes
  • Use state-of-the-art equipment
  • Experiment with equipment and techniques to see how things work

Phase Three: Web workshop

Reinforce your newly acquired skills by collaborating online with instructors and fellow students to perform practical workshops.

  • You will receive unknown samples to characterize in your own lab
  • Convene with your instructor and class for an online workshop
  • Take turns leading the session as you discuss your findings and conclusions

Available Blended Learning Courses


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